About Hope

Hope is a licensed certified speech language pathologist who has over 30 years of experience working with children and adults with learning differences, speech and language issues, or other special needs.

She received her Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology from Vanderbilt University and immediately began a varied and full career of direct service, service coordination, service development, and administration. Working as a part of an intervention team which includes families and other professionals has always been an important component of each of her endeavors.

Before entering private practice twelve years ago, Hope was the Director of Student Support Services at an independent school in Pasadena, working with students in grades pre-kindergarten through12. She has experience with a variety of public and private schools, matching students to specific academic environments. Her special interests and expertise include:

  • assessment and treatment of children with speech and language issues including auditory processing
  • interdisciplinary neuropsychological assessment as part of a team
  • reading instruction – the link between language development and literacy including phonological processing
  • teaching organizational, memory, and study skills
  • educational assessment and therapy
  • writing instruction
  • referral to other necessary services (psychological services, vision, motor, tutoring)
  • selection of schools that will meet specific student needs.

Experienced with Student Support Services

  • school observation and consultation
  • consultation with other professionals, parents, schools
  • support team membership
  • school admissions
  • development of student support services
  • development of student accommodations plans